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What is involved in a bathroom renovation?

We are often asked what the process of a bathroom renovation is. It is helpful for your planning to know that we work through a series of steps to ensure that your bathroom renovation doesn't just look amazing but is completely functional as well. Here is an overview of the steps you can expect in your renovation.

Step One

We will remove all existing fixtures in your bathroom or wet area and demolition will be completed.

Step Three

Gyprocker will resheet your walls with villaboard and gyprock your ceilings.

Step Five

Wall & Floor tiling will now commence and take 4-5 days.

Step Two

Plumber & Electrician commence a preliminary preparation for plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Step Four

Waterproofing is now done in two stages, using 100% polyurethane membrane and our specialised water stop angle. 

Step Six

Plumber and Electrician will complete their work. Your new bathroom will now be complete.

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